Max SeaSailer

MAX SeaSailer is derived from natural Ascophyllum Nodosum. This product is totally soluble in water, and has obvious positive effects on crops and helps reduce the risk of disease. It contains various mineral elements and is rich in vitamins, particularly in unique algae seaweed polysaccharides and alginic acid. Also, it has highly unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of natural plant growth regulators.

Appearance Black Shiny Flake
Alginic acid ≥ 16%
Organic Matter ≥50%
Potassium (As K2O) ≥ 16%
Nitrogen ≥ 1%
PH Value 8- 10
Water Solubility 100%
Moisture ≤ 15%
Mannitol ≥3%
Natural PGR ≥600ppm


MAX SeaSailer is derived from natural Ascophyllum Nodosum. This product is totally soluble in water, and has        obvious positive effects on crops and helps reduce the risk of disease. It contains various mineral elements and is rich in vitamins, particularly in unique algae seaweed polysaccharides and alginic acid. Also, it has highly unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of natural plant growth regulators.


•  Enhances yield and quality of crops, vegetables, and fruits
•  Resists diseases and improves yield
•  Increases stress resistance
•   Improves soil structure
•  Inhibits harmful pests , alleviates pest damage
•  Accelerates the formation of soil aggregate structure
•  Promotes cell division , increases metabolism
•  Promotes the bud to bloom
• Stimulates root growth and transplants


Suitable for all agricultural crops, fruit trees, landscaping, gardening, pastures, grains and horticultural crops, etc.
Foliar Spray: Dilution rate with water 1: 1500-3000 and apply 3-4 times at intervals of 7- 15 days during the growing season
Irrigation: Dilution rate with water 1 :800- 1500, 2-3 times at middle period , at intervals of 10- 15 days
Seed-Soaking: 0.5- 1kg for 1 ton seeds .