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CITYMAX GROUP Mid-Year Team Building


CITYMAX GROUP Mid-Year Team Building

2024-07-03 10:00:48
The  road  ahead  is  long  and  arduous,  but  we  will  reach  our  destination  if we  keep moving   forward.   If   we    keep    moving   forward,   we    will    have   a    promising future . CITYMAX  GROUP  keeps  such  idea  and  constantly  improve  ourselves  and provide customers with good biostimulants products and services.

Last week, CITYMAX GROUP held a mid-year summary meeting to summarize and analyze the work in the first half of the year and formulate plans for the second half of the year. The colleagues in the Marketing Center delivered a "mid-year summary" with down-to-earth hard work.


In the midsummer, under the scorching sun, we are eager for a spiritual journey and to enjoy  the  gifts  of  nature .  Rafting   is  not   only   a  personal  challenge,  but   also  an
experience of teamwork. During the rafting process, our team worked closely together to cope with the challenges of various water currents and enjoy the joy of success .
There is no trouble that cannot be solved by a barbecue . If there is, then add a game of mahjong! Entertainment for adults is so simple and pleasant. Three or five people
gather around a table, and enjoy the relaxation after work.
There is a mountain in everyone's heart. It seems far away from the world, so far that you need enough leisure time to see the scenery on the mountain .

In fact, the dream is not far away. The mountain peaks are towering, the clouds are shrouded,  and  you   are  immersed  in  the   scene .  Climbing  is  not   only   a  physical challenge, but also a spiritual experience, which makes our will stronger and our mind broader. The road to climbing, like the road of life, is full of ups and downs . Only by perseverance can we reach the peak. In the days to come, we will also go hand in hand,
devote ourselves to the next stage of work with a fuller spirit, and fight for our common goal!
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