AminoMax 7-0-0 LQ

Amino Max LQ 7-0-0 used modern enzymatic hydrolysis process. This production process decided that all the Nitrogen in Ultra AminoMax Liquid are organic Nitrogen.

Appearance Yellow Brown Liquid
Amino Acid ≥40%
Organic Nitrogen 7%- 11%
PH Value 4-6


AminoMax LQ 7-0-0 is a plant source liquid soy, with more than 7% organic Nitrogen content. Papaya protein was used for Enzymolysis step. This product can be used directly after diluted with water, or to be used for producing organic biostimulant liquid formulations.

Various packages are available for this product!

Foliar spray is suggested when using this liquid product.


• Improves the photosynthetic efficiency
•  Resists acid and alkali fluctuation to maintain a balanced p H level .
•  Increase the efficiency of various pesticides
•  Accelerates nutrient uptake
•  Improves stress tolerance of crops
•  Increases yield from 10-30%
•  Stimulates crop growth
•  Improves various enzyme activities
•  Improves the quality of fruit


Greenhouse vegetables
7 L/ha in 2-3 application in 10- 15 days from planting to the whole crop season
Fruit trees
5 L/ha in 2-3 applications in 10- 15 days from the pre-blooming stage
Open field vegetables
5 L/ha in 2-3 applications in 7- 10 days after the first true leaf stage
The recommendation may be different according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.