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CityMax Group joins hands with literary giant Fan Dunzi | to help Yongshou Middle School build a highland of humanistic literacy

On the afternoon of December 7, the ceremony of donating Fan Dunzi's prose collection from SHAANXI CITYMAX AGROTECH CO.,LTD to Yongshou Middle School was held in the conference room on the second floor of Yongshou Middle School. This donation event is an important measure for our company to fulfill its social responsibilities and support education.

Leaders participating in the donation ceremony include: Liu Ying, general manager of SHAANXI CITYMAX AGROTECH CO.,LTD., Fan Dunzi, a young writer from Yongshou, Liu Tao, deputy governor of the county government, Bai Xinghu, director of the County Federation of Literary and Art Circles Office, Liu Junnan, director of the county funding center, Yongshou County Middle School Representatives of teachers and students participated in the donation ceremony.


As an enterprise dedicated to the development of agricultural science and technology, we are well aware of the importance of education to the country and society. We believe that cultivating generations of outstanding talents with ideals, ethics, culture, and discipline is the key to promoting social progress and achieving national rejuvenation. Therefore, we have always paid attention to the development of education, actively participated in various public welfare activities, and contributed to improving the quality of education and cultivating talents.


This donation of Fan Dunzi's prose collection to Yongshou Middle School is our company's attempt to support education. Fan Dunzi is a famous contemporary Chinese essayist. His works have high literary value and ideological depth, and are of great significance for cultivating students' literary literacy and improving their humanistic qualities. We hope that through this donation, more students will be exposed to excellent literary works, stimulate their interest in reading, cultivate their literary appreciation ability, and provide a unique spiritual food for their growth and development.


At the donation ceremony, we had in-depth exchanges with the teachers and students of Yongshou Middle School and learned about their needs and expectations in education and teaching. We deeply feel the great responsibility of education and are proud of the help we can provide to students. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the development of education, actively participate in various public welfare activities, and contribute more to improving the quality of education and cultivating talents.

Post time: Dec-12-2023
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