EDTA is a chelate that protects nutrients from precipitation in a moderate pH range (pH4-6.5).

Appearance Green Powder
Zn 1.5%
Fe 4.0%
Mn 4.0%
Cu 1.0%
Mg 3.0%
Mo 0.1%
B 0.5%
S 6.0%
Water Solubility 100%
PH Value 5.5-7
Chloride & Sulphate ≤0.05%





EDTA is a chelate that protects nutrients from precipitation in a moderate pH range (pH 4 - 6.5). It is mainly used to nourish plants in fertilization systems and as an ingredient for trace elements. EDTA chelate does not harm leaf tissue, on the contrary, it is ideal for foliar sprays to nourish plants . EDTA chelate is produced using a unique patented micronization process. This method ensures free-flowing, dust-free, caking-free microgranule and easy dissolution.

● Promote the growth of plant roots, enlarge the leaf area.

● Absorbs quickly, promotes early crop maturity, shortens the growth cycle.

● No residue , improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

● Improves water retention , fertility and permeability of soil.

● Increase the resilience strengths, like drought resistance, cold resistance, waterlogging resistance, disease resistance, etc.

● Speed up the tillering process, make the stalk thicker.

● Stimulates and regulates the rapid growth of plants.

● Increase the fruits’ sugar content, setting rate, output and improve the crops’ quality.

Suitable for all agricultural crops, fruit trees, landscaping, gardening, pastures, grains and horticultural crops, etc .

Foliar Application: 2-3kg/ha.

Root Irrigation: 3-5kg/ha.

Dilution Rates: Foliar spray:  1 : 600-800 Root irrigation:  1 : 500-600

We recommend applying 3-4 times every season according to the crop season.