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What makes CityMax trusted by customers worldwide?


What makes CityMax trusted by customers worldwide?

2024-03-23 08:39:44
Last week's CAC show ended perfectly, and not only did CityMax discuss more in-depth product and agricultural issues with our customers at its booth, but it also welcomed more than a dozen customers to visit the factory this week. This deepened the trust with customers and led to more cooperation.
Then what makes CityMax trusted by more and more customers?
Here are the main reasons:
1. Citymax has a strict quality management system, has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management certification, and obtained the European BV certificate. At the same time, Citymax's full range of products have obtained OMRI, Ecocert and REACH certificates. Citymax is a member of EBIC (European Biostimulant Industry Council), and is the vice- chairman unit of CBDA (China Biostimulant Development Aliance). With its continuously developing R&D, Citymax now not only produces existing products, but also produces various types of customized products based on different formulas to meet the needs of global customers.
2. Then why does CityMax have all these certifications and recognitions from national and international sources? The most important reason is our strict control of product quality. Every year we invite many customers to visit our factory. Last week after CAC, we had many customers to visit us. In the factory, our customers saw the perfect equipments, freshly produced liquid and solid products, labs with testing equipments, sample rooms, as well as our most professional technicians, workers, and salesmen who are in contact with foreign customers.
We not only test the samples in-house, but also send the goods to authorized third-party laboratories for testing from time to time. Our customers have seen for themselves that CityMax has control over the quality of its products.
3. In addition to recognition from international sources and our strict quality control. We are also committed to participate in different exhibitions and also visit our customers personally. In 2023 we attended Biostimulants World Congress, Grow Tech in Turkey and visited our customers in Chile, USA and other countries. We trust each other more.
In 2024, we will participate in several exhibitions in America and Europe and visit our customers in various countries. We are looking forward to seeing you!
In conclusion, CityMax is a international group always demands the highest standards and puts our customers first.
This is why CityMax is recognized by our customers.
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